Detection of Radiolucid Lesions in Digital Panoramic Radiographs


  •   Emilly K. F. Rodrigues

  •   Milena T. M. Santos

  •   Sandra A. Marinho


This study evaluated the presence of radiolucid lesions in digital panoramic radiographs from the archives of the State University of Paraiba (UEPB) Diagnostic Imaging Clinic, performed in 2017. After surveying the radiographs performed by the service in that year, those with radiolucent lesions were selected, being excluded those with poor quality and with patient positioning errors. By means of a structured form, the characteristics observed in the radiographs were recorded by a single trained and calibrated observer. The analysis took place through descriptive statistics and all ethical aspects were respected. There was a low prevalence (14.2%) of radiographs with radiolucent lesions, which mainly affected young female patients. These lesions were small in size, located predominantly in the posterior periapical region of the mandible, with a unilocular aspect, being associated with a posterior tooth, mainly premolar. Inflammatory lesions were the most prevalent, with a presumptive diagnosis highlighting the predominance of abscesses followed by cysts/granulomas. The dentigerous cyst was the third most prevalent odontogenic lesion, occurring in its entirety in females. Odontogenic keratocysts and Stafne's bone cavity were also detected.

Keywords: diagnostic imaging, panoramic radiography, radiography


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