Immunoreactivity against Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Assessed by the Leukocyte Adherence Inhibition Test in Patients with Intrinsic Atopic Dermatitis and Correlated “Intrinsic” Non–IgE-mediated Allergic Conditions


  •   Celso Eduardo Olivier

  •   Daiana G. Pinto

  •   Ana P. M. Teixeira

  •   Jhéssica L. S. Santana

  •   Raquel A. P. G. Santos

  •   Regiane P. S. Lima


Background: Due to the lack of standardized laboratory procedures able to demonstrate specific immune responses against the culprit allergens, the non—IgE-mediated allergy syndromes are a group of conditions diagnosed mostly by clinical examination and exclusion criteria.

Objective: To evaluate the opportunity of the Leukocyte Adherence Inhibition Test (LAIT) to discriminate specific immunoreactivity against Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Dp) in a group of patients with non–IgE-mediated chronic allergic conditions.

Methods: Ex vivo challenge tests performed with Dp were monitored by LAIT in patients presenting diverse non–IgE-mediated allergic conditions: intrinsic Atopic Dermatitis (iAD), intrinsic Allergic Rhinitis (iAR), intrinsic Ocular Allergy (iOA), intrinsic Chronic Pharyngitis (iCP), and intrinsic Asthma (iAS).

Results: The mean LAI of the control group was 7%; the mean LAI of the iAR group was 34%; the mean LAI of the iCP group was 44%; the mean LAI of the iAS group was 45%; the mean LAI of the iOA group was 47%; the mean LAI of the iAD group was 55%. The non-parametric Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney U test comparing the control group with each other group showed significance with p-value < α = 0.05 for all groups.

Conclusion: The Leukocyte Adherence Inhibition Test is an easy, quick, and inexpensive ex vivo immunoassay with the potential to predict individual immunoreactivity against HDM allergens in real-world patients with non–IgE-mediated allergies.

Keywords: Allergens, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, antigen, asthma, atopic dermatitis, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, leukocyte adherence inhibition test, immunoassay, hypersensitivity, pharyngitis


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