Difference of Complete Blood Count (CBC) between Patient with Sudden Deafness and Control at Sanglah General Hospital from January 2018-March 2021


  •   Sylvia Sylvia

  •   Made Wiranadha


Introduction: Sudden deafness is sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) of at least 30 db or more in three contiguous frequencies, occurring within 72 hours. 10-15% is caused by underlying disease, while the others are idiopathic. Prognosis are difficult to predict. Complete blood count (CBC) is a basic examination that can be done in almost all medical facility. Few researches have shown a significant difference in hematocrit, NLR,PLR, MLR, RDW and MPV between patients and control .

Methods: This study was an analytic study with retrospective case control study design

Results: There are differences in level of hematocrit, NLR, PLR among patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss and control in Sanglah hospital Denpasar (p<0.05, CI 95%)

Conclusion: There was a difference in hematocrit, NLR and PLR between patients with sudden deafness and control at Sanglah General Hospital, Denpasar.

Keywords: Complete blood count, hematocrit, MLR, MPV, NLR, PLR, RDW, sudden deafness


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