Evaluation of Knowledge and Awareness of Periodontal Health and its relation to General Health among Medical Doctors-A Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Survey


  •   Shiva Shankar Gummaluri

  •   Shiva Manjunath R G

  •   Bharti Chaudhary

  •   Hirak S Bhattacharya

  •   Ramanarayana Boyapati

  •   Sheema Tasneem Mohammad


Background: Maintaining good oral health plays crucial in upholding one’s general health in a good shape. Present study has aimed to evaluate the knowledge of the above statement and awareness, and its relation to its general health among medical doctors. 

Materials and Methods: The study encompasses of 400 medical doctors (Clinical and Non-Clinical) having > 26 years of age.  A questionnaire proforma, having 18 questions was provided to the participants and answered data was gathered. Further, collected data was subjected to statistical analysis. Frequency distribution percentages were calculated and depicted. 

Results: In case of periodontal awareness, significance difference was obtained between the non-clinical and clinical doctors regarding right brushing technique (p=0.048) favouring clinical doctors and dental visit for every 3 months favoured non-clinical doctors (p<0.001) while rest of the questions didn’t show any significant difference. Regarding periodontal knowledge, significant difference between clinical and non-clinical doctors were recorded in poor oral hygiene affecting the general health (p=0.0304) whereas rest of the parameters were non-significant.

Conclusion: Conducting periodic dental awareness programs among medical doctors would be beneficial for early detection of dental problems and treating them at appropriate time. So that local infections nidus would not become systemic problems.

Keywords: Awareness, knowledge, oral health, questionnaires


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